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Corroded Coffin Tour T-Shirt

Home of the original Corroded Coffin tee! Get ready to shread with Eddie & the boys in our Bestselling 80s inspired shirt print front & back.

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Everyones talking about their favourite Poetic Betty tees!

Made from 100% organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly inks you can be sure your Poetic Betty t-shirts will stand the test of time, whilst being kind to the planet!

  • Reviews

    "My best friend bought me one of PoeticBetty's MUNA t-shirts for Christmas. It's my absolute favourite tee."

    Brooke, USA


  • Reviews

    "Purchased for my wife to wear to the Phoebe Bridgers show we're going to! so cute!"

    Roe, USA


  • Reviews

    "The shirt is absolutely adorable! I wore it to a Taylor Swift club night and got tons of compliments! Thank you for the fast shipping so I was actually able to wear it!" Elly, UK


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